The Center of Competence Finance in Zurich (CCFZ) is an interdisciplinary cooperation network of ETH Zurich and University of Zurich having as its’ main goal to promote, support and coordinate the activities of the University and the ETH in research and education in finance.


  • To offer a joint University and ETH graduate education program in finance
  • Coordination and promotion of research in the field of finance by using the complementary resources of the two institutions in Zurich
  • Coordination and development of post graduate programs for young academic professionals
  • To create a communication and public relation platform for finance in Zurich


21 January 2015 Swiss Risk Association – Swiss Finance Institute Event: Risks for the financial place Switzerland
More than 600 guests attended the event “Risks for the financial place Switzerland” with Oswald Gr├╝bel (former CEO of UBS and of Credit Suisse) and Daniel Zuberb├╝hler (former vice president of the board of directors of FINMA and Director at KPMG). The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Martin Janssen. The event took place in the biggest lecture hall at the University of Zurich and was organized by Prof. Walter Farkas and Sandro Schmid on behalf of the Swiss Risk Association.
Event brochure
Swiss Risk Association event webpage
Swiss Finance Institute event webpage

11 September 2015 ETH Risk Day 2015
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